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The Just Office team is a dymanmic group of people who are dedicated to ensuring that every office space, big or small, explifies what Just Office is at its core – a company that designs success. By understanding what each client requires, the team is able to tailor make a space that meets both the clients’ human capital needs as well as the its business objectives.

Meet the team behind your office space:Victoria Bauer

Victoria Bauer

Victoria Bauer is the driving force behind the successful corporate interior design and office manufacturing business, Just Office. Her motivation & passion lies in creating spaces that, in turn, create and reflect success.

Victoria matriculated from Rhenish Girls High in Stellenbosch and later studied at the AAA School of Advertising. After completing her studies, she worked for inbound tour operator Springbok Atlas and was eventually promoted to Marketing Manager as well as overseeing another portfolio.

Victoria’s story begins twenty-five years ago when her father began manufacturing a product range, which included office furniture, from a barn in Stellenbosch. Today this thriving business, employing an in-house team of 4, and a manufacturing concern of forty-five, continues to manufacture office furniture from their Epping factory, with Victoria at its helm. The longevity and success of Just Office is strongly reflected in the fact that original members of staff from the farm on which Victoria grew up, still work at the factory today, along with their sons.

Victoria personally oversees the design, conceptualisation, production and installation of each and every project – through to final hand over. Her client scope ranges from large corporate entities, through to executive home offices, with no project proving too big or small. Victoria is passionate about creating jobs for South Africans and the transferring of skills and knowledge. She strongly promotes buying South African products and promoting local artisans and their work, and insists on incorporating uniquely South African pieces wherever possible.

Victoria works extensively with small and micro enterprises and also offers a mentoring programme for youngsters interested in the industry, empowering and uplifting hundreds others through the creation of both beautiful spaces and jobs.

Njekwa MukelabaiNjekwa Mukelabai

Njekwa ‘Jakie’ Mukelabai is the newest member to join the Just Office team. Although he is the Junior Account, his infectious laugh and quirky personality set him apart from the typical accountant stereotype, making him exactly the type of person Just Office were looking for.

Soon after completing Matric, Jakie was hired to work for Just Office, and saw this as an opportunity to grow and better himself, a task he has succeeded and continues to success at. In fact, he is currently studying further a course in Computerised Accounting.

Having worked in other sectors of the business before being appointed to his current position, Jakie’s experience has enabled him to better carry out Just Office’s motto and mission of not only design office spaces, but design success.

Just Office prides itself in ensuring quality in all its products, which is what motivates Jakie to continue aiming higher within the company. His passion, dedication and people skills have ensured that he only gives his best when performing his duties with Just Office.

He believes in the saying that “honestly is the best policy” and makes sure to practice what he preaches while surrounding himself with like-minded individuals.

For quotes and more information:

Njekwa Mukelabai  jakie@justoffice.co.za  021 534 0328